Launch date: 2022-01-01



During the first three months, supply was inflated through daily auctions of EQNOX, where participants could invest BUSD in exchange for a slice of these auctioned tokens. Invested BUSD was used to build liquidity on Pancake Swap, but about 20% was returned to participants through daily random awards. Also, all liquidity added to the liquidity pool through the contract is locked, by having the LP tokens burned! When a stake is created, staked tokens are converted into shares at the current share price. Interest is distributed to stakes in proportion to the share size of each stake. If you have 10% of the shares, you get 10% of the inflation, it’s that easy. Every time a stake is ended, the share price can increase, making existing stakes more valuable and earning more interest. It’s also the first token that is synched with earthly seasons. Stakes can last forever and can only be ended without penalties during harvest season, between October and December. Each harvest season, holders decide if they want to end their stakes or leave them running for another year. It’s a yearly celebration about the giving of future interest from paper hands to diamond hands. Imagine the build up for that!

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