Sacrifice AirDrop

Launch date: TBC


PLN is a Founder's token that could accrue all swap fees from PLN may be airdropped for free to certain PLS (PulseChain) addresses. PulseLN's Automatic Buy & Burn function could use fees to buy PLN from the PulseX [PLN/PLS] pair and burn it on a regular basis. This may cause constant buy pressure in addition to potential price appreciation from the underlying PLS backing. PLN token's Max Supply could be fixed at launch and constantly decrease due to the the automatic buy & burn function. PLN's shrinking supply could cause a rapid increase in value during demand spikes. Exchange Listing of PLN on PulseX will ensure easy access for the public. Buying PLN requires PLS. Other pairs may exist but in such a scenario the PLN/PLS pair would likely be the most liquid. The Freedom to Swap sacrifice address set could be airdropped free PLN.

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