Mintra NFT Marketplace



Launch date: TBC



MINT will be the native token used in the Mintra Marketplace. During the sacrifice phase the token has no value and no utility. Have no expectations of this token. The average marketplace fee for transactions is 2.5%. Mintra will only have a 2.25% fee for its marketplace. 1.25% of all Mintra marketplace transactions (55.55% of fees) will be sent to a public address. One shall have no expectations of profit from this address. This address can do whatever it likes. It could use the 1.25% to buy $MINT tokens on the open market and burn them, airdrop marketplace fee revenue to $MINT token holders, or both. For instance, it could split the fee revenue to airdrop 1% and use 0.25% to buy back $MINT and burn it. No matter what the address chooses to do with the 1.25% of daily volume, holding $MINT tokens does not guarantee any profit from the work of others. NFT Marketplace Daily Volume AXIE AXIE 1/4 NFT Carbon Footprint NFTs have been commonly minted on the Ethereum blockchain, the second most popular after Bitcoin. One analysis found the energy footprint of the average transaction on this network is roughly 35 kWh — about the same as powering a refrigerator for a month. But NFT transactions also involve minting, bidding, selling and transferring a digital token. All these actions are costly, adding up to an average of 369 kWh — over 10 times as much energy. One researcher calculated that a certain artist selling two pieces of artwork used over 175 MWh, creating the greenhouse gas emissions of 21 years of a U.S. household’s electricity use. NFT transactions on Mintra will be verified by a POS (proof of stake) Blockchain called PulseChain. This will completely eliminate this unnecessary NFT energy consumption.

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